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Traces Within Silence Credenza

Traces Within Silence Credenza

Designed by Studio Ten Design. Sold by Society6.

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Introduce some pulp fiction flair into your home decor with the Traces Within Silence Credenza. This enigmatic piece pays homage to the faux coming of age novel with its with its dramatic rendering of the two main characters on the cover. Explore the intricate web of emotions and unspoken desires woven within the hallowed halls of Pinecrest Collegiate Academy in Traces Within Silence. This gripping novel unveils the enigmatic friendship between Noah Asher and Dylan Cooper amidst the tranquil academia of an esteemed New England school. Delve into the depths of unexpressed passions, hidden truths, and the captivating echoes of untold stories. Embrace the compelling journey of uncharted emotions, where silence conceals the profound traces of an unforgettable tale.

Design Details: Traces Within Silence

    Color Palette: Traces Within Silence

    Hex #d2c3af
    rgb(210, 195, 175)
    Hex #9e794d
    rgb(158, 121, 77)
    Hex #af6415
    rgb(175, 100, 21)
    Hex #9a4f38
    rgb(154, 79, 56)
    Hex #4c140b
    rgb(76, 20, 11)
    Hex #190d08
    rgb(25, 13, 8)

    Uncover unspoken desires at Pinecrest Collegiate Academy. 'Traces Within Silence' follows Noah and Dylan's enigmatic friendship, revealing hidden passions and untold stories within tranquil academia.

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    Material Details

    About the Designer

    J. Thomson

    Studio Ten Design is the creation of artist/designer Jay Thomson. 

    Now based in Norfolk, Virginia, Jay spent more than 20 years in Philadelphia, PA. He has designed surface patterns for the Spoonflower and Zazzle online marketplaces since 2011. His interest in surface design grew from a desire to learn how to make his own clothing, since nothing in the stores available at the time suited his style. For over twenty years, he's been making his own shirts and other apparel items. 

    Now his designs are available on a wide variety of fabrics for home and apparel, wallpaper, home goods and gift ware. Follow on Instagram: @studiotendesign.

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    Credenzas by Studio Ten Design

    About this Silhouette


    A true statement maker. Our versatile mid-century modern inspired credenzas are great for use as TV stands, armoires, bars, office cabinets or the perfect complement to your bedroom set. The vibrant art printed on the doors will make your piece pop in any setting. Available in a warm, natural birch or a premium walnut finish.

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