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Monstera Madness Jungle Fire Unisex Knit Hoodie

Monstera Madness Jungle Fire Unisex Knit Hoodie

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Unleash your wild side with the Monstera Madness Jungle Fire Hoodie. Made with 100% cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative, this pullover hoodie features hot colors including fuchsia, red, orange, and purple. Stay comfy and stylish in this unisex knit piece!

Design Details: Monstera Madness Jungle Fire

    Color Palette: Monstera Madness Jungle Fire

    Hex #95568f
    rgb(149, 86, 143)
    Hex #c12f42
    rgb(193, 47, 66)
    Hex #da4a42
    rgb(218, 74, 66)
    Hex #e57142
    rgb(229, 113, 66)
    Hex #d03f7a
    rgb(208, 63, 122)

    Amethyst Orchid background, with Oxy Fire, Fuchsia, Paprika, and Firey Orange Monstera Deliciosa leaves pattern.

    Unisex Knit Hoodie Size Chart Material Details


    Sleeve Length
    Bottom Opening
    XXS 22.8 in
    58 cm
    35.7 in
    90.8 cm
    21.9 in
    55.5 cm
    30.7 in
    78 cm
    34.2 in
    86.8 cm
    XS 24 in
    61 cm
    37.8 in
    96 cm
    22 in
    56 cm
    31.9 in
    81 cm
    36.2 in
    92 cm
    SM 25.2 in
    64 cm
    39.8 in
    101 cm
    22.4 in
    56.8 cm
    33.1 in
    84 cm
    38.2 in
    97 cm
    MD 26.8 in
    68 cm
    41.7 in
    106 cm
    22.8 in
    58 cm
    34.6 in
    88 cm
    40.2 in
    102 cm
    LG 27.6 in
    70 cm
    43.8 in
    111.2 cm
    23.3 in
    59.3 cm
    35 in
    89 cm
    42.2 in
    107.2 cm
    XL 28.3 in
    72 cm
    45.7 in
    116.2 cm
    24 in
    61 cm
    35.8 in
    91 cm
    44.2 in
    112.2 cm
    2X 29.1 in
    74 cm
    47.7 in
    121.2 cm
    24.6 in
    62.5 cm
    36.2 in
    92 cm
    46.1 in
    117.2 cm
    3X 29.9 in
    76 cm

    49.8 in
    126.6 cm
    25.3 in
    64.3 cm
    36.6 in
    93 cm
    48.3 in
    122.6 cm

    About the Designer

    J. Thomson

    Studio Ten Design is the creation of artist/designer Jay Thomson. 

    Now based in Norfolk, Virginia, Jay spent more than 20 years in Philadelphia, PA. He has designed surface patterns for the Spoonflower and Zazzle online marketplaces since 2011. His interest in surface design grew from a desire to learn how to make his own clothing, since nothing in the stores available at the time suited his style. For over twenty years, he's been making his own shirts and other apparel items. 

    Now his designs are available on a wide variety of fabrics for home and apparel, wallpaper, home goods and gift ware. Follow on Instagram: @studiotendesign.

    About Cobalt Fashion

    As a leader in fashion innovation, Studio Ten Design is at the forefront of revolutionizing the way fabrics are created. Through the use of high-speed knitting technology, we are able to produce unique fabric designs that are not only visually stunning but also highly functional.

    Our partner's high-speed knitting technology allows us to create intricate patterns and textures that were once only possible through traditional hand knitting methods. By utilizing advanced machinery, we are able to produce fabrics at an unprecedented speed, ensuring that our customers receive their orders in a timely manner.

    One of the key advantages of our high-speed knitting technology is the ability to use 3D computer rendering to visualize new designs. By using actual yarns in the rendering process, we can accurately represent the look and feel of the final fabric. 


    Designed by Studio Ten Design. Sold by Cobalt Fashion.

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