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Handsome Cowboys Toile (Jade) T-Shirt

Handsome Cowboys Toile (Jade) T-Shirt

Designed by Studio Ten Design. Sold by Printify.

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This Handsome Cowboys Toile (Jade) T-Shirt is sure to rope in your style! With a posse of rowdy, horsin' around cowboys, set in sepia tones against a pastel green background, this tee is a real hoot. So why not get the party started, buckaroo? Take the reins and be ready for a rambunctious ruckus!

Design Details: Cowboy Toile (Jade)

  • Design dimensions: 14.0 in. ×  12.0  in. (35.56 cm. × 30.48 cm.)
  • Half-Brick repeat.

Color Palette: Cowboy Toile (Jade)

Hex #8ed2aa
rgb(142, 210, 170)
Hex #96bca0
rgb(150, 188, 160)
Hex #86a28a
rgb(134, 162, 138)
Hex #ecebea
rgb(236, 235, 234)
Hex #cfcbc8
rgb(207, 203, 200)
Hex #341e11
rgb(52, 30, 17)
Hex #5e4437
rgb(94, 68, 55)
Hex #806b61
rgb(128, 107, 97)
Hex #b4a9a4
rgb(180, 169, 164)
Hex #9c8b84
rgb(156, 139, 132)

This is a kitschy toile pattern of handsome cowboys in sepia duotones on a background of mint and jade green. A whimsical, yet sophisticated way of injecting some fun into any sewing project or interior design.

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Material Details

About the Designer

J. Thomson

Studio Ten Design is the creation of artist/designer Jay Thomson. 

Now based in Norfolk, Virginia, Jay spent more than 20 years in Philadelphia, PA. He has designed surface patterns for the Spoonflower and Zazzle online marketplaces for more than 12 years. His interest in surface design grew from a desire to learn how to make his own clothing, since nothing in the stores available at the time suited his style. For over twenty years, he's been making his own shirts and other apparel items. 

Now his designs are available printed on a wide variety of fabrics for home and apparel, wallpaper, home goods and gift ware. Custom knit wear designed by Jay is on the horizon.

About MWW On Demand

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The third generation of the family-owned business has now expanded into innovative technology. MWW On Demand, a subsidiary of MWW is the proud American leader of the textile and custom printing industry. A family-owned business built on quality products and outstanding customer service, MWW continues to thrive in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

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