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Faux Malachite Men's Low-Top Sneakers

Faux Malachite Men's Low-Top Sneakers

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Bespoke and opulent, these shoes bear a custom faux malachite and gold design that lend an artistic and sophisticated air to any outfit. These unique sneakers create a timeless look, perfect for making a fashionable statement wherever you may go.

Design Details: Faux Malachite

  • Design dimensions: 5.05 in. ×  4.33  in. (12.83 cm. × 11.0 cm.)
  • Basic repeat.

Color Palette: Faux Malachite

Hex #00bd97
rgb(0, 189, 151)
Hex #00a07c
rgb(0, 160, 124)
Hex #00714d
rgb(0, 113, 77)
Hex #005a3c
rgb(0, 90, 60)
Hex #003021
rgb(0, 48, 33)
Hex #011a14
rgb(1, 26, 20)
Hex #f4d163
rgb(244, 209, 99)
Hex #a38a29
rgb(163, 138, 41)

Opulent faux malachite with gold veins, by Studio Ten Design.

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Material Details

About the Designer

J. Thomson

Studio Ten Design is the creation of artist/designer Jay Thomson. 

Now based in Norfolk, Virginia, Jay spent more than 20 years in Philadelphia, PA. He has designed surface patterns for the Spoonflower and Zazzle online marketplaces since 2011. His interest in surface design grew from a desire to learn how to make his own clothing, since nothing in the stores available at the time suited his style. For over twenty years, he's been making his own shirts and other apparel items. 

Now his designs are available on a wide variety of fabrics for home and apparel, wallpaper, home goods and gift ware. Follow on Instagram: @studiotendesign.

About Smart Printee

Smart Printee is a professional print on demand (POD) production partner based in Fujian Province, China. Smart Printee uses Grando CEJ-1803 Digital Printers with environmentally friendly water-based inks for imaging that delivers consistent quality and high pixel clarity. Multiple manual quality inspections are done throughout the whole manufacturing and packaging process by experienced operators, guaranteeing strict industry standards to satisfy customers.

Products manufactured by Smart Printee typically take 7 - 20 days for delivery to USA addresses. Destinations in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and unincorporated territories of the US can take an additional 5 - 7 days. Tracking is available for shipments.

Designed by Studio Ten Design. Sold by Printify.

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