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Introducing Studio Ten Design's collection of designs inspired by the world of Tiki totem carvings and Tiki mugs. Each piece in this collection tells a vibrant story of Polynesian folklore, evoking the spirit of tropical islands and laid-back beach vibes. Against the backdrop of deep black or serene aqua, these whimsical Tiki designs pop with life and personality.

Dive into the rich cultural tapestry of the Pacific islands as our Tiki fabric designs come to life on a variety of mediums. Whether adorning apparel, adding flair to accessories, elevating home décor, or upholstering furniture, the intricate motifs capture the essence of Tiki culture. Each fabric invites you to infuse your surroundings with a dash of exotic allure. For those looking to transform their living spaces, our Tiki designs are also available as wallpapers, offering a captivating backdrop that brings the charm of tropical nights right into the heart of your home. Embrace the playful energy of Tiki totems and mugs, and let your imagination set sail on a journey through color, culture, and creativity.
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