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Team Plaid Houston Texans Football Fabric

Team Plaid Houston Texans Football Fabric

Designed by Studio Ten Design. Sold by Spoonflower.

This 'window pane' plaid design is derived from the official colors of the Houston Texans American football team. The proportion of the twill stripes is related to the amount of each color in the team's logo.

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Houston Football Team Plaid Design Details

  • Design no. 3939348
  • Design dimensions: 6.0 in. ×  6.0  in. (15.24 cm. × 15.24 cm.)
  • Basic repeat.

Color Palette: Houston Football Team Plaid

Hex #03202f
rgb(3, 32, 47)
Hex #a71930
rgb(167, 25, 48)
Hex #ffffff
rgb(255, 255, 255)

Red and white stripes on a field of navy blue make up this plaid design recalling the team colors of the American football franchise in Houston, Texas.