Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging

  • Includes 100% solid beech wooden magnetic hangers
  • Display using either the included white cotton cord or foam tape squares
  • W 16 × H 24 inches
  • Linen-Cotton Canvas
  • Folded hem
  • Topstitching thread chosen from a limited color set to best match the design

Easy to install, the 18 inch (46 cm) frame consisting of two magnetic wood pairs works like a clamp, holding the tapestry at the top and bottom without damage.

Featuring acid-free, 100% solid beech wood, the natural color frame is crafted from scratch by Well Made, a woodworking company based in Chicago, USA and Słupca, Poland.

The mounting kit comes with white cotton cord as well as foam tape squares for versatile installation options for your wall art.

Our kitchen towels are the same size as wall hangings, so you can easily replace the design whenever you are ready for something new.

Fabric: Linen Cotton Canvas

Durability of linen with the softness of cotton.