Velvet Shimmer 10.9oz

This shimmering custom made Velvet Shimmer fabric is one of our velvet, a brushed faux velvet, the poly creating a shimmer effect. Constructed using spun fibers in a plain weave construct, produces the brushed face effect. It has a weight of 10.9oz, this is one of our denser fabrics, with a tight weave, a short dense pile, this solid fabric is very taut with no give in elasticity. The Pile runs smooth top to bottom, with excellent recovery. It is however slightly opaque and allows light through very slightly. This Shimmer Velvet Fabric is extra durable due to its tough hessian back.

100% polyester
Printing Method

Sublimation inks


Bags and Accessories.

Max. Printed Width

54 inches (1.50 yards)

Weight 10.9 oz. / square yard

The most pampered of our fabric ranges, there’s a trick to keeping these needy girls and boys at their fluffiest and most gorgeous, and the secret lies in a stiff brush. Every few washes if you feel the fibers stiffening at all, wait until the fabric is dry then give it a loving brush until you feel it relax and return to its pampered self.

Hand wash. Cold water. Do not machine wash. Dry flat. Do not twist.


Printed on OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabric.

Martindale > 40,000 revs. Suitable for use in high wear applications.

BS5852 Furnishings: Safe to use for furniture and furnishings and/or where BS5852 is required.

Construction Woven


Care Instructions