Performance Velvet is a highly durable 100% polyester knit fabric with a buttery soft feel and matte finish for bespoke home decor and upholstery projects. Featuring a short pile and rich, multidimensional texture, Performance Velvet looks similar to a high-end cotton-velvet fabric and offers a smooth, felted backing for beautiful drape. This family- and pet-friendly plush velvet upholstery fabric is resistant to stains and spills and offers a high abrasion threshold for applications such as throw pillows, poufs, blankets, curtains and upholstery projects. Makers will enjoy endless customization options for our luxurious, heavyweight Performance Velvet material including bags, accessories and seasonal decorations.


Color White
Uses Pillows, blankets, upholstery and accessories
Wash separately in cool water using a gentle machine cycle. Machine dry using a low temperature or permanent press setting and remove promptly to avoid wrinkles. Do not dry clean. Do not bleach.
Country of Origin Turkey
Printing Single-sided, digitally printed in the US using eco-friendly, water-based inks.
Fabric Width 56 inches (142 cm)
Printable Width 54 inches (137 cm)
Weight 11.5 oz/square yard (389 gsm)
100% Polyester
Construction Knit, Warp Knit
Estimated Shrinkage
1-3.5% in length and 0-1.5% in width. Some shrinkage may occur during the print process and/or when washed. Pre-washing your fabric is recommended for most projects.

Wyzenbeek (Cotton Duck Abradant)
50,000+ double rubs (ASTM D4157)

30,000+ cycles (ASTM D4966)


(1= Severe Pilling, 5= No Pilling)

(1= High Degree of Color Transfer, 5=No Color Transfer)

5 (AATCC TM 8)

5 (AATCC TM 8)

(1= High Degree of Fading, 5=No Fading)
60 hrs - 1 (AATCC TM 16.3)
(Class 1 or Pass)
Cal TB 117 meets
NFPA 260
Breaking Strength
50+ lbs in both directions (ASTM D5034)
Tear Strength 6+ lbs in both directions (ASTM D2261
Snag Strength
(1=High Degree of Yarn Pulls, 5=No Yarn Pulls)
5 (ASTM D3939
Pile Height 1 mm


Sewing Recommendations

Needle Type Universal Denim
Needle Size 90-110
Thread Size 40-50
Stitching 10-12 per inch (4-5 per cm)
Thread Type 100% Polyester All-Purpose


Specifications and recommendations are subject to change.


Performance Velvet

Care Instructions