Performance Piqué is a 100% polyester fabric with a diamond-like knit structure and clear definition of detail, vibrant color and strong wash durability. Comfortable and lightweight with a delicate drape, Performance Pique’s soft, stretchy composition is perfect for moisture-wicking athletic apparel such as tennis dresses, yoga tops and headbands, offering a soil-release finish for enhanced laundering. Wrinkle-resistant and easy to pack in a small bag, this is also the fabric of choice for conference presentations and scientific posters—no sewing required.


Color White
Uses Dresses & skirts, headbands, activewear, and fabric posters
Machine wash in cool water using a gentle machine cycle. Machine dry using a low temperature setting and remove promptly to avoid wrinkles.
Country of Origin USA
Printing Single-sided, digitally printed in the US using eco-friendly, water-based inks.
Fabric Width 60 inches (152 cm)
Printable Width 56 inches (142 cm)
Weight 4.3 oz/square yard (145 gsm)
Content 100% Polyester
Construction Knit, Swiss Piqué Knit
Estimated Shrinkage
1-2% length and 0-2% width. Some shrinkage may occur during the print process and/or when washed. Pre-washing your fabric is recommended for most projects.
2-way: ≥ 25% horizontal stretch; < 25% vertical stretch
(1=Severe Pilling, 5= No Pilling)
UVA/UVB Protection
98.07% / 99.37%
UPF Rating 50+
(1= High Degree of Color Change, 5=No Color Change)

Perspiration (Acid)

Perspiration (Alkaline)


Sewing Recommendations

Needle Type Ball Point/Stretch
Needle Size 70, 75 (10, 11)
Thread Size 24, 27, 30
Stitching 14-18 per inch (6-7 per cm)
Thread Type 100% Polyester All-Purpose


Specifications and recommendations are subject to change.


Performance Piqué

Care Instructions