Contrado Summer Breeze Viscose

Summer Breeze Viscose

This viscose fabric is super soft, lightweight, and perfect for keeping you cool. Using a technically advanced reactive printing method, printing on viscose fabric is a sustainable process that ensures bright and long-lasting colors, wash after wash - even at high temperatures. Custom printed viscose fabric is a must-have for the summer staples you can't wait to create. 

This soft and lightweight fabric is airy with a fine handle, making it a popular choice for custom viscose printing. The weave is plain with some stretch on the weft.

Our reactive printing methods infuse the fibers of the custom printed viscose fabric with the ink itself. This results in strikingly bold colors that will stay looking brilliant, even after going through the washing machine plenty of times.

  • 100% woven viscose (Rayon)
  • Lightweight with fine hand
  • Technically advanced reactive printing
  • Perfect for clothing and fashion
  • 2.24 oz
  • Expected shrinkage: 11% weft, 3% warp


Can be washed up to 140°F, but cooler temperatures will prolong the life of your fabric.

Wash at 140°FWash at 140°FSteam Safe Iron Safe Tumble Medium