Contrado Summer Breeze Viscose 2.24oz

Summer Breeze feels good on your skin and so should the clothes you wear. If you’re looking for a lightweight material with a lustrous and soft feel, our Summer Breeze Viscose will get you through the balmy months. Printing on viscose fabric is a dream with our reactive printing process that locks in color and resists gradual fading. This woven fabric is ideal for clothing, scarves, and other fashionable garments. Custom printed viscose fabric is a versatile must-have in your fabric collection.

Content 100% viscose
Printing Method

Reactive inks



Max. Printed Width

51.12 inches (1.42 yards)

Weight 2.24 oz. / square yard

Can be washed up to 140°F, but cooler temperatures will prolong the life of your fabric.


Printed on OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabric.

Printed using ECOCERT GOTS certified inks. This means they have been independently certified to ensure they have been made in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

Construction Woven