Contrado Linen

Pima Cotton Lawn, unprinted

This durable fabric is 100% Pima cotton fabric printing, made up of varying thread sizes with a thread count of 240. This plain weave has a solid base. The custom printed Pima Cotton fabric weighs only 2.2 oz. It is a soft, light, and airy fabric, which has a little give on the bias. It’s strong and durable and allows some light to show through and slightly reveal the pattern on the reverse. Reactive printing provides exceptional color and softness with a high wash allowance (up to 140F).

The base color of the Pima Cotton fabric is white but, due to varying thread size, has a variegated base tone. If you want bright tones with a soft touch, our reactive printing option is for you. The details on this fabric are crisp, and block colors come out beautifully. Due to the nature of the fabric and the processing methods, there can be occasional very small white dots where pieces of cotton fluff are removed revealing unprinted white base material. Please note that this is normal and cannot be avoided but won't affect the strong colors and detailed nature of your print.

  • Lightweight (2.2 oz)
  • Soft, with a smooth hand
  • Drapes beautifully
  • 240 thread count


86°F wash. Low tumble heat, or hang to dry. Do not wring. Low heat iron.

Wash At 86°FWash at 85°FTumble 1Do Not WringLow Heat