Ella Waterproof 1.9oz

Ella is in our water-resistant fabric print family. Our printed waterproof fabric makes this Ella version extremely lightweight. Despite being light, it is extremely tough. We use it for umbrella canopies, but the flexibility lends itself to a variety of other projects. Ella is a poly-based, tightly woven material, which is solid but not completely opaque. There is some minor elasticity in our Lightweight Waterproof fabric, allowing some give.

Content 100% Polyester
Printing Method

Sublimation inks


Apparel and accessories (waterproof lining)

Max. Printed Width

57.6 inches (1.60 yards)

Weight 1.9 oz. / square yard

No Dry Cleaning, and No Soaking.


Printed on OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabric.

Construction Woven