Royal Crowns vs. Mexican Card Game

Royal Crowns vs. Mexican Card Game

Mexican Card Game (Grid)
Royal Crowns Fabric

For many years, my customer's favorite design has been Royal Crowns in the Yellow on Purple colorway, based on sales. This isn't so surprising, since this is one of just a few of my designs that is listed on large marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon. It's popular around Mardi Gras, but it's also the school colors for many high schools and college teams.

But for the first time, a contender has appeared. Recently, Mexican Card Game (grid) has overtaken Royal Crowns. Mexican Card Game is inspired by the Loteria game popular in Mexican/Latinx and Mexican-American cultures. It isn't listed on Amazon and Etsy, so it surprises me that it's popular enough to eclipse those huge marketplaces where I get several sales a day.

Both of these designs have broad appeal. Which is your favorite?


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