Mexican Game Cards

Mexican Game Cards

Mexican Card Game Poppy Red

Mexican Card Game: Poppy Red Fabric

I was lucky enough to grow up in a city with a large Mexican-American population. While I am most certainly 100% gringo 🤠, I grew up with an appreciation of all the wonderful sights, sounds (and especially the tastes!) of this vibrant culture. One aspect of it, is the Lottery (or Lotería in Spanish) card game. It is a traditional game of chance, and is something like a game of bingo, except it is played with decks of cards instead of numbered balls. The game itself has its roots in 15th-century Spain, and was brought to Mexico in 1769. Don Clemente Jacques began publishing a version in 1887 that was distributed to Mexican soldiers, where the game really caught on. Many of the images in this deck became iconic or emblematic of Mexican culture.

Mexican Card Game Grid

I designed two complimentary versions: one shows every card in a grid. In another, the cards are scattered against a colorful background, as if someone threw all the cards onto a table.

Mexican Card Game: Graphite

The scatter variation (seen above) is designed to coordinate with Petal Signature Cotton Solid color fabrics, and is available in 14 different colors

I've even put the patterns onto accessories and shoes, and designed a set of cookie cutters for dough or clay based on the cards. (These are no longer available; but contact me if interested.) 


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