Design Challenge Entry: Faux Malachite

Design Challenge Entry: Faux Malachite

This week's design challenge at Spoonflower is for wallpaper designs that are non-directional, which are useful in odd places like ceilings, angled walls, cupboards and furniture, or even crafts. These "exceptional use" cases can be tricky to design.

For this challenge, I created a faux malachite with "gold" veins for extra opulence. (It's important to note that the gold is non-metallic which adds to the illusion.) 

Voting opens on June 29th at 10am (EDT), and closes at 3pm on July 4th. Winners will be announced at 10am (EDT) on Thursday, July 6th. 

If you like my design, I appreciate when you include it among your votes! Unlike many Spoonflorists who enter the contest every week, I only submit an entry when inspiration strikes. This will be my 14th entry since 2011.


Please note that entries are randomized for every voter.
My design looks like this, and will appear on a different page for each person.

Faux Malachite by Studio Ten Design

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