Doodle (Multi+Black) Wallpaper

Create Infinite Interest with Doodle

Create an infinite amount of interest with Doodle's ditsy scribblings. Doodle comes in 94 colorways, from subtle to bold. Giving you a multitude of options for decorating and apparel. Mix and match to your heart's content.

In this example, I've paired the multicolor on black colorway on the walls, with the black and aqua colorways on the pillows. For added interest, one pillow is black doodles on an aqua background, and the other is its opposite: aqua doodles on a black background. 

Just don't go overboard: stick to one main Doodle, and pair it with just a couple of accents. Doodle's frenzy can easily dominate if too much of it is used in a small space.

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